Daisy Ogembo (’16)

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow
Oxford University
Oxford, UK
Prayer Chair of HFAB

Kim Gilmer, HFAB Communications Chair: How would you describe your vocation, and how are you pursuing that in your current position?

Daisy Ogembo: My calling is to bring about real and positive change in the tax systems of low and middle-income countries, particularly on the African continent, through my research. I desire to see African countries adopt fairer and more coherent tax policies and legislation for a more equitable society. I recently completed my PhD, and I am currently working as a British Academy-funded postdoctoral research fellow at the Oxford University Faculty of Law. In my postdoctoral project, I am researching constitutionalism and tax law in Kenya, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

K.G.: How has being a Harvey Fellow affected your vocation and life? 

D.O.: Being a Harvey Fellow has been life changing. My vocation and aspirations were affirmed by God through my selection as a Harvey Fellow. That experience has given me much more courage to pursue my vocation with conviction and boldness. I have enjoyed meeting and being inspired by other Christians who also desire to discover how they can utilize their vocation to bring honor and glory to God. 

K.G.: What about your work most excites or inspires you right now?

D.O.: The opportunity to work on a topic that is dynamic and topical, but also one that has a real impact on people’s lives! When I tell people that I research tax law, their reactions are often hilarious! Tax may not be everyone’s favourite topic, but taxation shapes our lives; and for the most vulnerable population around the globe, it is a matter of life and death. I feel privileged to be working in this field.

K.G.: What have you noticed God doing in and through you recently? D.O: I was recently awarded one of the fiercely competitive and prestigious British Academy postdoctoral fellowship. To say that I was surprised is an understatement. I am continuously amazed by the opportunities that God blesses me with. I am tremendously grateful for this further affirmation that the path that I am on is His will for me.

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