At the 28twelve Foundation, our future depends on support from our community of Harvey Fellows like you to achieve our goals of marking, equipping and nurturing Christian graduate students to be leaders in their strategic fields. Will you support us by playing a part in the next phase of the Harvey Fellows program?

For almost 30 years, the Harvey Fellows program has been bringing light to dark places. Each year, a select group of graduate students are chosen to be Harvey Fellows and are generously equipped with financial resources to undertake advanced study at premier graduate institutions in preparation for vocations that are culturally influential, seek to make Christ known in places where He is not, and impact society with the values of the Kingdom of God.

Within the next 3 years, the 28twelve Foundation will take over this important work from the Mustard Seed Foundation, which founded the Harvey Fellows. The 28twelve Foundation is committed to continuing and expanding this important work into the future, offering unmatched support to a new generation of Christian scholars and leaders.

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The goal of To Every Generation capital campaign is $3.75 million over the next 3 years, to allow us to secure monies to primarily fund scholarships for several years while we continue to seek to build the endowment of the program. These fundraising efforts will ensure the future of the Harvey Fellows program and enable us to successfully transition the program from the Mustard Seed Foundation to the 28twelve Foundation by 2023.

Campaign giving begins on October 2020 and concludes on October 31, 2023. It is a three year (36 month) campaign that crosses over four calendar years: 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023.

Every single contribution to the To Every Generation campaign, regardless of size, will be considered a success. Our goal of $3.75 million will significantly strongly transition the Harvey Fellows program from the Mustard Seed Foundation to the 28twelve Foundation by 2023 and fund scholarships for several years beyond as we transition to ongoing fundraising efforts.

All monies collected in the To Every Generation campaign will be designated specifically for growing the principal of the initial endowment and used to continue to fund Harvey Fellows scholarships and programs. We will not be using the funds for any other purpose at this time. However, we do anticipate exploring areas for future investment once the fellowship endowment is strong. Such areas may include mid-career awards, Christ in the Culture events and other areas as God leads us.

The Harvey Fellows program is continuing under the management of the 28twelve Foundation and in partnership with the Mustard Seed Foundation (MSF). The 28twelve Foundation will select and fund its first class of fellows in February 2022. The Mustard Seed Foundation continues to fund and support Harvey Fellows selected prior to 2022 who remain in qualified graduate study.

The transition of the Harvey Fellows program from MSF to the 28twelve Foundation is staggered and we are about two-thirds of the way through that transition timeline. MSF selected its last Fellows in 2021 and is funding those and any qualified fellows selected prior to that through 2023. Further, MSF and the 28twelve Foundation intend to jointly fund the next Summer Institute in 2023. The 28twelve Foundation has taken over the application process for new Fellows and will assume the ongoing management and funding of new fellowships beginning in early 2022 when new Fellows are selected this coming February.

Recent surveys of the Harvey Fellows by the Strategic Planning Commission reveal a strong commitment among the fellows for continuing to fund fellowships for future scholars and leaders in strategic fields. So, that’s where we are focusing our initial efforts and monies, in support of furthering the mission and vision of the Harvey Fellows program. This does not mean that we will not be considering other avenues of ministry and mission. The opposite is true! And yet, the HFAB and the 28twelve Foundation, with input from the Fellows want to begin with funding fellowships and create a solid footing for the Harvey Fellows program into the future, indeed, To Every Generation.

  • Pray about what your role might be, as well as for God’s leading for our Harvey Fellows community as we undertake this capital campaign.

  • Prepare to make a commitment to the To Every Generation campaign. We are asking people to take their time during these next six weeks to think about their financial, spiritual, leadership and prayer commitments.

  • Do the spiritual work necessary to re-discover your commitment to this community of faith. Think about how you might work to reinvigorate and strengthen connections among Harvey Fellows.

  • Talk in your family and your fellowship group. Consider the stories you hear and your own story.

  • Ask questions and we will do our best to provide information.

  • Our hope is that this preparation will make each of us ready to make a pledge to the To Every Generation campaign for the Harvey Fellows program.

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