Anji Zhang

About the Fellow

Anji is currently a 2nd-year Chemistry PhD student at MIT, where she is working on developing machine learning models that harness existing chemical knowledge to predict reaction outcomes. For her undergraduate studies, Anji attended the University of Toronto and majored in Chemistry. At MIT, Anji is heavily involved with the Graduate Christian Fellowship and led the MIT Veritas Forum team this year, which featured a dialogue on Artificial Intelligence between Max Tegmark and Rosalind Picard, moderated by Fr. Phillip Larrey. Anji has a love for the humanities outside of her day-to-day work in science; she has completed a literature fellowship with the Hertog Foundation, a seminar on Political Philosophy with the Instauratio Magna Foundation, and history and economics seminars with the University of Austin (UATX). She recently penned an essay on how the world of science could benefit from refocusing research motivations towards the development of Christian virtues like humility, patience, and charity in researchers. Anji also plays jazz saxophone and enjoys ice skating, cooking, and spending time with her husband.