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The future of the 28twelve Foundation depends on you, the community of Harvey Fellows, in order to achieve our goals of marking, equipping and nurturing Christian graduate students to be leaders in their strategic fields. Will you support us by playing a part in the next phase of the Harvey Fellows program?

For almost 30 years, the Harvey Fellows program has been bringing light to dark places. Each year, a select group of graduate students are chosen to be Harvey Fellows and are generously equipped with financial resources to undertake advanced study at premier graduate institutions in preparation for vocations that are culturally influential. They seek to make Christ known in places where He is not, and impact society with the values of the Kingdom of God.

Over the next 3 years, the 28twelve Foundation will take over this important work from the Mustard Seed Foundation, which founded the Harvey Fellows. The 28twelve Foundation is committed to continuing and expanding what MSF began by offering unmatched support to a new generation of Christian scholars and leaders.

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The 28twelve Foundation exists to identify, inspire and integrate followers of Christ to be leaders, influencers and restorers through courageous and faithful vocation around the world in order to redeem culture and that all may come to know the saving love of Jesus.

The origins of the 28twelve Foundation date back to the founding of the Harvey Fellows Program in 1992 under the direction of the Mustard Seed Foundation. In 2019, 28twelve took over the Harvey Fellows program and is now a growing Christian Vocational Leadership Ministry. In so many ways we live in a world in need of restoration and we need to raise up leaders of integrity and courage to bring virtue and hope as they solve the problems of today and tomorrow. Because no one needs to change the world on their own.

The Harvey Fellowship provides financial support to Christian students pursuing graduate studies at premier institutions with a vision to impact society through their vocations. For over 28 years, the Harvey Fellows program has sought to mark, equip and encourage individuals to actively integrate their faith and vocation as leaders in strategic occupations. The Harvey Fellowship is a $16,000 stipend awarded through a competitive process. The stipend may be renewed for up to an additional two years.

If you would like to learn more about the Harvey Fellowship, including information on eligibility and the application process, please email us here.


Introducing the 2023 Harvey Fellows

In April of 2023, the Harvey Fellows Selection Committee selected 6 new Harvey Fellows. The new Fellows are a talented group of passionate Christians who are pursuing degrees at premier institutions in strategic fields:

Ally Arrieta, PhD, Communications, University of Southern California

Chip Chambers, MD/MBA, University of Pennsylvania

Rebekah Jones, PhD, Political Science, UC Berkeley

Renee Louis, PhD, Sociology, Stanford University

Sarah O’Dell, MD/PhD, Medical Humanities, English, UC Irvine

Rutendo Tavengerwei, DPhil In Law, Oxford University

Featured Fellows

The Harvey Fellows come from around the globe and work in diverse fields. Currently there are over 400 Harvey Fellows worldwide, representing twenty-four countries and over forty academic and vocational fields.


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