Christian Gonzalez Ho

About the Fellow

Christian Gonzalez Ho is a cultural theorist, art historian, curator, and architectural designer.  He is a Ph.D. candidate in Art History at Stanford University, where he is currently researching the ways art and architecture serve as platforms to encounter otherness.

In 2017, he co-wrote Los Angeles: Mestizo Archipelago, a book about the unique ecology of the Los Angeles art world and its complex relationship to faith and spirituality.

Christian’s method is multi-hyphenate, drawing on his masters in architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design as well as a decade’s worth of experience as an actor and playwright in New York City. Constantly blurring the disciplinary borders of art, theory, and architecture, his research reimagines the logics of these disciplines and their relationship to society.

Christian and his wife Christina are the founders of Estuaries. Estuaries is a community of scholars, professionals, artists, theologians, and ministers with a passion to reimagine culture in the way of Christ. Its aim is to foster interdisciplinary networks of resilient disciples with an equal value for spiritual vibrancy, intellectual rigor, and emotional health.


Art History